Marketing Your Herbalife Business Opportunity Effectively

I only ask this question because a lot of Herbalife distributors I have personally talked to either find their current business-building methods inefficient or ineffective altogether.

Just what are these methods that these independent distributors are using in the first place?

When new distributors sign up in the Herbalife business opportunity, they are trained on marketing the business to their family, friends and immediate circle of contacts.

While it cannot be disputed that these traditional MLM business-building methods are duplicable and have created some serious success stories, many Herbalife independent distributors are either not finding success, or are having limited success.

Why do I say this? The fact that the majority of distributors within the Herbalife business opportunity make little to no income speaks volumes of the effectiveness of these methods for many distributors.

Ultimately, building your MLM business is about connecting with people and talking to them. To make this process effective and efficient, you need to focus on talking to and connecting with the right prospects: prospects that have some level of interest in what you have to offer.

Building Your Herbalife Business Opportunity: What To Focus On

It’s important that you target the right market. Some people just have a negative view of MLM in general. Other people believe Herbalife is a scam. These groups represent the people you should not waste your time or energy on.

The last thing you want to do is waste your time trying to “convince” someone that Network Marketing is not a scam, or that Herbalife is not so bad.

Market YOU, and market your MLM business opportunity. The secret to building your home business is not to play by the same rules everyone else use: chasing after people. Instead, focus on having them chase after you.

To have people chasing after you, you have to have something of value to offer them. While everyone else is preaching about how great the Herbalife business opportunity is, you can stand above all the noise, by solving people’s problems: these solutions are of course aligned with your business opportunity (as long as it makes sense in the context of the problem being solved).

People are suffering in this economy, and many are looking for ways to make money. They are not waking up thinking of joining the Herbalife business opportunity. They are thinking about how they can make more money; there’s a different mindset involved here.

Focus on people’s problems and how you can solve them through the business opportunity, and marketing your business may become less frustrating.

The health and wellness market is huge, and to make product sales and recruit distributors, you are competing against other Herbalife distributors, as well as reps from other Network Marketing companies. You’ll need to market effectively and ensure you are profitable so you remain in business.

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