Last Minute Vacations – Getting a Good Price

Did you ever just feel that you needed to get away from things and find something outside the norm to do? Probably everyone has at one time or another wanted to just step away. Last minute vacations can be life savers.

Getting away at the last minute and planning something special is something that we’ve all done, or at the least wanted to do. Now we know what your mother always told you, but the early bird does not always get the worm, we promise. Last minute vacations can be had at a reasonable, or at least a cost-effective price, no matter where you want to go.

Several great websites offer you some good information as well as good ideas about where to go and what to do when you’re just itching for last minute vacations but are out of ideas. Marriott hotels offers you some last minute weekends ideas. They do have rather a lot of restrictions on them but some are great deals and worth checking out.

There is one great website that will serve you up a new dish each week on last minute vacations. Last Minute Travel. com brings you a deals page that changes nearly weekly. It’s known as the Top 21 Deals and you can find a wide array of last minute vacations. Many of them will cost you a nominal amount of money and you’re going to be amazed at where they are or what you can be doing a day from now.

Another great idea for you to try, check out Craigs list. Of course you’re always going to be careful when you are dealing with a Craigs list item but literally thousands of people are scoring incredible deals on last minute vacations every single day. When you are dealing with people in your loca area its a lot nicer. Go to the Craigs list pages, navigate to your own area, and then check out the Vacation rentals area, the tickets area, where people sell their plane tickets, and also check out the barters. You will find a great many people willing to trade homes with you for the weekend just to get a break or get cheaper last minute vacations.

Last, but certainly not least, who says that last minute vacations have to be a flight away or a state away. Give yourself some pampering close to home. Rent a great car and drive to some of the more local area entertainment. No matter where you are, there is a super place to visit and most areas have great hotels.

So what if you’re only driving 100 miles to visit the Grand Canyon. Rent a car, rent a gorgeous hotel room, and go. If it’s only for a night or two, and there are no flights involved in getting there you can be a little more indiscreet with the spending on the hotels or the luxury car. Many people find these mini-vacations can give them a clearer outlook when they go back home and back to work.

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